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Our Passion

"What's our passion at Angel on Horseback? Children and Horses.  We love all our adult riders :) don't get us wrong.  But Children are our passion. Showing them the love and awe of the horse is wonderful. And doing it with our group of safe horses and ponies, knowing they enjoy the children right along with us, it's great. I  will give you an example of our horses connection with children. We have 3 of our own children ages 5,8,10. On a hot summer day we were working on a fence line. Our children decided it was time to swim in the horses water trough. One of our school horses, Amos (age 8yrs), was in the pasture at the time. He just had to see what they were up to.  Amos mosies on over inspects the children in the water and proceeds to dunk his head in with them, splashing and playing right along with them. If they went under the water, he would wait a second, then dunk his head under and splash trying to get them up again. He was having so much fun he tried to get into the trough with them. But Papa said no four leggers in the trough! Too bad Amos :). My point is that the horse could have been eating his 5 acres of grass. Instead he wanted to play with the children in the water. Nothing does a parent better than to see their children and animals having fun. Here are some pictures showing the fun we have with the horses, picture your own children in place of these and then give us a call to come down and meet everyone for your first lesson."
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